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General Home Remodeling in South Bend

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We know that home remodeling does not stop at a new bathroom or new kitchen. You may need a new office, a new playroom for the kids, or a new staircase to rejuvenate the center focus of your home. We specialize in every area of home renovation, and no matter the job, HM Remodeling will still be the premier company in South Bend and Michiana.

Remodeling Your Home from Top to Bottom

From basement remodeling to bedroom remodeling, to garage remodeling, our South Bend home remodelers have your renovation projects covered!

Basement Remodeling

Ready to have the home theater you've always wanted? Or do you simply want to add more habitable rooms to your home? Remodeling your basement is an excellent way to turn your dark and lonely basement into a fully functional living space. There is a lot to take into consideration with basement remodeling, but our experts will ensure no stone is unturned in the prep process. Plus, it's a great way to help increase your home's value. Visit our contact us page to get in touch with our basement remodeling contractors!

Room Remodeling

There are so many ways to update the rooms in your home. Your master bedroom can be improved by adding an en-suite bathroom while new light fixtures can breathe new life into your kitchen and dining room. Our room remodeling experts are ready to help you with any room remodeling project!

Sunroom & Porch Remodeling

Do you long for having friends and family over but feel restricted due to your limited space? Remodeling your porch or adding a sunroom is an amazing way to up the "hospitable" factor of your home. After the renovation process, you’ll have plenty of room for having your family and friends over for dinner and games!

Who To Call For Home Repairs?

If you are in need of home repairs, you should seek a home remodeling contractor. A Home remodeling contractor, like our very own can assist with the partial or complete home renovation process. This includes bathroom, garages, and all critical areas of your home that needs repairs or installations

Garage Remodeling

Turn your unused garage space into something functional with our garage remodeling pros! Do you want more storage and an in-home gym your whole family can use? Remodeling your garage can help you accomplish this!

Window Installation

New windows are a great way to improve both the exterior and interior of a home. Windows can help your home achieve that natural lighting you’ve always envisioned, bring life and comfort into your attic, or give your living room an inviting feel.

Fireplace Remodeling

Building a new mantle or replacing brick with exciting and colorful tile is a cost-effective way to change the feel of your gathering place.


Staircases are often seen immediately upon entry into a home. For this reason, staircase renovation is a great way to drastically change the feel of your home. For the example shown, introducing a sleek, rod iron design into an old, wood banister was a simple way to modernize the initial view of this home’s interior. Give our staircase remodel contractor a call at (574) 206-4394 to get started!

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For anything you have in mind for your home remodeling, HM Remodeling is the company to call. We have successfully served hundreds of happy customers in the South Bend and Michiana areas, and the greatest reward of our work is the look of excitement on our customers’ faces after another quality job.

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