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Should You Share Your Budget?

When working with other remodelers, you may often hesitate to share your planned budget.

There can be many reasons for this, but they mainly boil down to a lack of trust in your contractor. You may be right not to trust them, but you have every reason to trust HM Remodeling with your budget.

Common Reasons for Not Sharing Your Budget:

  • It weakens your negotiating position.
    Other contractors may overcharge you for materials or for a certain job. If this excessive charge is still within your budget, your contractor will view this as a “no harm, no foul” scenario, and you have little room to dispute.
  • It could limit your designer’s creativity.
    You and your designer may have a beautiful vision for the renovation, but designers generally do not enjoy being bogged down by facts and figures. It makes sense that you many want to let your designer create freely.
  • It could cause your contractor to walk away.
    It is possible that a contractor would feel as though they cannot meet that budget, or simply is not interested in working within it. It may seem easier at the time not to disclose your budget and keep your contractor.

Reasons to Share Your Budget With HM Remodeling

  • We don’t negotiate.
    We design and build according to your vision and never overcharge you for a job.
  • Our designers our not afraid of facts and figures.
    We can work with you and still build you the beautiful renovation you deserve, within your budget.
  • We are interested in working within any budget.
    We work with you from start to finish to complete the project expertly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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